Hilary Wilce
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 125

Every parents wants their child to be happy and to do well when they grow up. But what are the qualities they need to make a success of their lives? How can you encourage kindness in your children? And resilience and honesty? And why is having a backbone important for the healthy development of your child?From babies to teenagers, 'Backbone: How To Build The Character Your Child Needs To Succeed' shows parents the essential steps they need to take. Hilary Wilce describes the six key qualities that every child needs to live a fulfilled and successful life – and shows how every parent can build them in their child. She outlines the research that shows why without a strong and flexible backbone even the highest-achieving child is likely to falter and fail.'Backbone' is the single, invaluable guide that every parent needs to read in order to help build a successful life for their child. ...
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