Susan Palmer
Publisher: Unique Vision Press
Pages: 27

Scheming sisters Jenna and Joyce Michaels have the best intentions when they contrive to leave their trusty bulldog, Brody, behind rather than send him to a shelter on moving day. But, even when their plans go awry, Brody finds a way to survive on his own in the suburban wilderness.It’s unclear just what Cece’s owners intended for her and her siblings. Considering they were left in an empty park in a cardboard box during a rainstorm, though, it probably wasn’t good. Brody arrives as the waters of the nearby river rise with the fallen rain. He manages to help the five abandoned Terrier pups; however, it quickly becomes clear that curious and loyal Cece requires a little extra attention as she and Brody get swept away on an unexpected journey. But at least they each have a friend, that is until the dangers of life on the streets threatens to pull them apart again and leave them both alone ...
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