Ruth Shirk
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 31

Organic Gardening for the NoviceThis book is a must read for all organic gardeners. The book opens with an interesting discussion of why organic gardening is the way to go because it:•Grows Tasty Food- if you think food has lost its taste, then you simply must read this book•Lowers the Chance of Cancer and Other Diseases-Protect your health by reading this book•Lowers your Carbon Footprint- Leave a Better Earth for Your Children•Fun- Learn Easy to Follow Secrets to Be the Best Organic Gardener in Your Neighborhood•Saves Money- Use Supplies that are Easy to Find and Often FreeWhat Plants and Varieties are Best Grown Organically?This easy to read book then tackles the information that new organic gardeners need to know the most by recommending particular varieties of crops and how many of each the gardener needs to grow. The book then tackles how to prepare the organic garden ...
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