Grace Walton
ASIN: B00X895FX2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 344

Magpie's Masque- Book Three of Grace Walton's Bestselling Medieval Inspirational Romance series, The ChristKeepers. Magpie has no name, no family, and no wealth. She has only her faith in God and her love for the most unsuitable man in Christendom. Plucked from the Thames by the famed Titus the Norseman, Magpie's life was saved. She was content serving as his squire, masquerading as a lad. Until she met Rafe Wulfsson- the King's Own Privateer. He alone recognized her true femininity. Rafe, brother to Titus, is an infamous scoundrel and rake. His scandals and arrogance are legend. He honors no man and bows to no God. He makes Magpie his cabin boy. The arrangement suits them both until she grows into the promise of her stunning beauty. Together they will challenge the King, escape from the Tower of London, overcome the schemes of an aristocratic madman, work to reclaim Rafe's ...
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