Rosalind Minett
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 264

WAR THREATENS AT THE VERY SHORES OF HOME . . .  WITH RUTHLESS HITLER IN EUROPE AND DEVIOUS COUSIN KENNETH AT THE DOORSTEP. A fateful rivalry is born . . .Lonely Billy's excitement at having a playmate now turns to dismay. The frail and artistic Kenneth is hideously devious, Uncle Frank is an outright bully and Billy's parents fail to see further than Kenneth's porcelain looks to his darker soul. Those very emotions that enable Hitler’s rise - envy over strength, desire for new territory - now ferment in the Wilson home.Only his secret sighting of a precious Cossack sabre can comfort Billy by imagining he has its power.As war becomes a reality, this becomes an icon that sustains Billy through evacuation and hardship, but is it destined to damage as well as protect?
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