Steve Ryan
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Pages: 94

Stop making investing decisions based on fear of losing money or confusion over market noises.Instead, develop a BULLETPROOF method to generate profits consistently. Question: What do you think the most reliable predictor of a successful stock investor?If you answer experience in financial industry or Ivy League financial education, you are dead wrong. Nicolas Darvas (made 2 million dollars profit in 1950s) was a professional performer, Dan Zanger (turned 10K to 18 million dollars during the 1990s) was a pool contractor, and T. Rowe Price, Jr. (just google the guy!) held a chemistry degree from non-Ivy League universities.Intelligence is not the answer. Warren Buffet (if you don't know him, you shouldn't be reading this book) publicly mocked the importance of high IQs among investors. What if the big secret of making money from the stock market consistently is not intelligence, but ...
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