Jeff Gerke
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 317

He had a theory that the “accidental” electrocutions killing people online weren’t accidents at all…but the work of a high tech serial killer.He called the FBI with his theory, but they blew him off.Until someone they cared about was “accidentally” electrocuted.Now the government wants Ethan Hamilton—a regular family guy and virtual reality programmer struggling with his belief—to go after a murderer who kills on principle.But Ethan’s addiction to online gaming threatens to destroy his family and his faith long before he can track down the assassin.Virtually Eliminated is a near-future technothriller in the tradition of In the Line of Fire and Snowcrash. A maniac bent on killing in the name of patriotism, a civilian expert with the only chance of stopping him, and the mind-stretching cat and mouse chase that takes them to the depths of the sea, to the craters of the ...
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