Pamela Oldfield
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 465

As the clashes between the Houses of York and Lancaster cost the working families more and more in lives and taxes, a new era dawns in medieval England.The pressure is higher than ever to ensure a prosperous bloodline.Young Elizabeth Sheldyke discovers this truth when she is married off to the ageing and heirless master of the Heron estate, but as the years progress and her belly remains flat a seed of fear is planted in the young woman’s mind.Could she possibly be barren?When widowhood hits her earlier than most, Elizabeth is taken with the notion of restoring Heron to its former grandeur. But a deep and passionate love threatens her new found independence when John Kendal sweeps her away in a whirlwind of desire she has never experienced before. More anxious than ever to have a baby of her own the years fly past Elizabeth on the Heron estate; love grows, feuds break out, war rears its ...
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