Philip Overby
Publisher: Splatter Elf Press
Pages: 43

Darkly Comic Short Story in the Weird World of Splatter ElfUnicorns aren't always pretty. Sometimes they can be downright ugly.For bounty hunter and obsessive sword-collector Katzia of Clovenhoof a trail of dead unicorns earns her a chance to gain the legendary blade Wyvernheart. All she has to do is get rid of whatever foul creature keeps eating all the unicorns. When the corpse-laden path leads Katzia and her partner, the mystical Starseer Bathbrady, into the Necrogardenia Woods, it's soon clear that they have a big mess on their hands. Maybe more than the two sword-toting badasses can handle. With tough decisions on her plate, Katzia has to ultimately choose between friendship and shiny swords, the consequences of which have spectacularly bloody results.This short story is intended for mature audiences due to strong language, smartassery, splattery violence, and general mayhem.
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