Cosmic Rapture
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 91

We all hate poetry, right? But we hate it a little less when it's hellgrown, twisted and wicked. Epic, even.If this book were a pie, it would contain more than a measly four and twenty blackbirds, But it's not a pie, it's a spasm. Which is another word for pie, in a language you don't know. In fact it's even more than a spasm. It's a devil's banquet of adults-only offal comprising almost exactly nine and forty (49) satanic sonnets, vitriolic verses and odious odes. Excerpts below:AWAREWOLFI came upon a golem“encountered” one might sayeating dust as golems mustall bloody, muddy day.WHO PUT THE ANAL IN ANALYSEIf all of the dead numbered more than the livingwould reincarnation be viewed with misgiving?Would the dead grit their teeth while waiting to rise?(Oh who put the anal in analyse?)THE WOLVES THAT WASOnce a month beneath the moonTheir evil crimes recurThe wolves that was is ...
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