April Osirus
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 29

The only memory Captain Livia Fontaine remembers upon waking is the image of her ship exploding in a terrible accident. But she is able to remember this because she alone was rescued by a humanoid alien race and taken lightyears away to their planet. Livia fears she will never see her home planet again. But the people of planet Enda are peaceful and kind. They only want to obtain knowledge and at the moment—they want to obtain knowledge that only Livia could provide. They want to know how the human body works—all of it. If Livia will allow the Enda to explore and learn about her body, they will provide her with safe passage back home. Desperate to return home, she agrees. But soon Livia finds herself completely exposed with every single orifice inspected and examined closely and clinically. It should feel embarrassing and mortifying but instead Livia finds herself aching for more. ...
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