Craig Halloran
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 224

From the midst of chaos ...Venir, Brool in hand, wages his one-man war in the streets of the City of Three while Kam suffers behind the walls in the Towers. Frustrated with himself and others, Venir takes matters into his own hands and forces Fogle into a rescue mission. After vanquishing Palzor, the King of the Thieves, Melegal finds himself in a very promising situation. The Nest needs a new leader. Can he fill those shoes? Lefty Lightfoot and Pall the Blood Ranger battle through the Outland. Creed finds daylight from his dungeon, only to face his eminent execution by his grandfather Grom. Can Lorda Almen save him? Does she even care?All the while, Trinos, assisted by Eep the imp, plots against Scorch the Meddler.
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