Jo B. Hayve
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 272

“Hot content, realistic plot. One to keep bookmarked on the nightstand. –2 Flames: So hot I had to take a 3 hour shower.” Escapology ReviewsJunior college professor Charlotte Bannon has been faithfully married for 12 years. Her husband Tommy is a good lover, and a great guy, and to the best of her knowledge, Charlotte loves him. But a brief encounter at a wedding has destroyed Charlotte’s feelings of satisfaction. Soon she cheats on her husband with a complete stranger, and to her surprise, knows that she will again. Charlotte cannot even feel guilt over her affairs. Something is wrong inside Charlotte, and she cannot understand what it could be.Missy is a student at a junior college, and works part time at a lingerie shop. She married Bruce too young, and now wants to know what she is missing. When Charlotte enters her store with hushed tales of forbidden encounters, Missy is ...
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