Susan Palmer
Publisher: Unique Vision Press
Pages: 28

After a sudden family tragedy, Maria must head back home to help out for an undetermined length of time, which means that her beloved Chihuahua, Peanut, will be accompanying her on the trip. Hating to be left behind, Peanut prepares himself for an unpleasant airplane ride. The journey proves even more unpleasant than even Peanut could predict when two baggage handlers at the airport come across a travel-weary Peanut in the cargo hold during his and Maria’s layover. The handlers decide to try to make a little extra cash by stealing the dog from his carrier before it can be put onto the second plane. The devoted Peanut may be small but he is determined he will not be taken from his owner without putting up a fight. There is only one real way to hear Peanut’s tale and that’s by listening to him tell it, exactly as it happened, in his own words.Note: This book is intended for adult ...
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