Better Hero Army
Publisher: Storyteller Press
Pages: 303

"A fantastical adventure; ghostly and fun."The Wishing Shelf Book Awards"...a book about moving on, remembering the past, and beating the odds in a fashion that is so well done it deserves to be a beloved beginning to what can only be a fantastic series."San Diego Book ReviewBeing a gargoyle isn't easy. Tiffany wasn’t even born one, but now she has wings, and in the gargoyle world it means she’ll have to fight ghosts. A scary proposition for someone who was once one of the living, especially when all she wants to do is get home and see her parents again.Enter the Hollow Mountain, a place caught somewhere between life and death, where Tiffany’s inner light—if she can learn to harness it—can bring her the power needed to face the monsters she thought only existed in her dreams.Girlgoyle is a Manga-illustrated book for younger readers that tells the story of Tiffany Noboru, a ...
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