Lizzie Harwood
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 268

Would you drop your life to go work for oil-rich billionaires in their remote oasis?At twenty-three, Lizzie Harwood is mysteriously recruited to become a property manager for billionaires. Legally forbidden to talk about her employers, she calls their country 'Xamnesia.' The place has its perks, such as receiving diamond watches and a hug from Michael Jackson, but with her anxiety about succeeding and habit of never telling her family what's really going on, Lizzie will do anything to keep this dream job. And with these bosses, that's one bad rabbit hole to fall into.Will smuggling one million dollars be what snaps her out of her fog? Can she get her act together and quit Xamnesia for real?A humorous travel memoir of a normal girl on a jet plane to self-destruction-land. With self-deprecating humor and total honesty, discover what working for oil-rich billionaires can do for your ...
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