Violet Burbach
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 58

“Discover the World of Squirrels” is filled with fun facts about many people’s favorite small furry wildlife friends. Children and adults alike will find themselves smiling at the beautiful squirrel images. These images introduce you to the many types of squirrels who dwell all over the world. Squirrels have adapted in many ways to survive for millions of years. Discover where they live and what are their favorite foods to eat and store for the winter. A Glossary ends the book to ensure any new words your kids discover will be defined to make all the information accessible to and understandable by kids of all ages. A Bonus booklet is available to help reinforce the learning of these new words. It has word searches and a crossword puzzle using the glossary terms. Plus a squirrel maze and poems with simple illustrations. This is a perfect book to use for “read along” ...
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