E.B. Joseph
ASIN: B00XU5551Q
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 63

Need a little laughter in your Homeschool day? Everyday a Homeschool Mom somewhere doubts she is doing a good job. “I didn’t realize Homeschooling would be this tough,” does this sound familiar? You are not alone. For 2 years, Author E.B. Joseph and her daughter created a Homeschool podcast on BlogTalk Radio. By popular demand, she has transcribed the interview show notes and placed them in this book. She knows Homeschool Mom’s hearts are in the right place, so every once in a while they need a boost of encouragement. In this book, she provides you a glimpse into her daughter’s journey as she learns and much, much more. She will share with you an entertaining look into teaching Spelling, Reading, Math, Science, History and Geography. A little laughter will keep you motivated along the Homeschool winding path. E.B. Joseph’s Motto is: Homeschooling is not work it’s an ...
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