Kimberli A. Bindschatel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 218

”Smart, sassy, and sensational!”She’s got a shiny new badge. And a mind of her own.That’s the problem.Special Agent Poppy McVie's new partner expects her to look pretty and keep her mouth shut.Not a chance.Not while animals are being trafficked from the steamy jungle of Costa Rica and the bad guys are getting away with it. Even if she has to do some investigating on her own.But when he learns what she’s been up to, the sparks fly between them and the real trouble begins.If you like a fun, thrilling adventure with a strong, feisty female protagonist working with a partner she can’t stand (or can she?), then you'll love this story.Buy it now and start your adventure today!What readers are saying: “The suspense built from the first chapter and continued right through to the end.” “Poppy is someone you'd like to be. Courageous, smart, adventurous, caring and tough as ...
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