David Maxwell
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Pages: 181

In a nutshell, this book contains a 4-week DASH diet plan. All recipes are designed keeping in mind ideal sodium intake to promote heart health and reduce hypertension. There are 84 unique meals in this book and they are spread over a span of four weeks.. Detailed nutritional information is provided at the end of every recipe. If you are looking to reduce your blood pressure, these delicious and healthy recipes are a must have!!. The DASH diet has earned its place among the top healthiest diets today. it is a very practical diet that promotes overall health and wellness. The DASH diet was intended to reduce blood pressure, one of the primary causes of heart disease. However, lowering blood pressure is just an added bonus. The DASH diet has been found to be much more nutritious overall as compared to the standard American diet. The DASH diet was recently named the best and healthiest ...
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