Mike Pettit
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Pages: 53

PROVEN SALES METHOD TO GENERATE MEGA SALES.SALES EXECUTIVES HAVE USED THIS SYSTEM FOR DECADES.MARKETING AND SALES METHODS THAT WORKS.DOMINATE YOUR GENRE.Indie Author Boot Camp - Marketing 101The Number One Method in how to become a a Best Seller Author.A must How-To book for Indie Authors. This book will teach you everything you will need to know about marketing yourself and your book. Most fiction Indie Authors concentrate on writing their book, often spending months in the process. However, once they are finished writing they don't have a clue on how to market and sell their work. Indie Author Boot Camp will show you in very simple to understand steps how to market and sell your book, what you must understand about the business of selling your book, and how to keep sales coming in.This is an excellent source in learning how to become a Best Selling author. This Marketing Strategy and ...
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