Bryan Cooper
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 311

The year is 2600 BCStonehenge is in the making...When Haril, a travelling stonemason, first comes across the temple being built by the Druids, he is overawed by the beauty and magnificence of the massive granite stones. But all too soon he realises that behind their awe-inspiring beauty lies something much more sinister…Hundreds of slaves, emaciated and abused, are dying to create the massive structures.Among them are Haril’s own people.This terrifying regime is under the fanatical leadership of the evil priest, Vardon, who is using human sacrifices to appease his Gods.The temple must be destroyed before it is finally completed or the powers of darkness called upon by Vardon will be unleashed on the world… Can Haril muster the strength to stop Vardon?Or will terror and destruction be unleashed by the Stones of Evil?‘Stones of Evil’ is a gripping tale of life in Ancient Britain ...
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