Josie Marks
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 118

Apartment 21, part 1 of 3Sasha Scott had a rough year; she spent the last twelve months picking herself up, healing her scared past and patching the wounds. Understandably, when the opportunity of managing the sale of the stylish, up market apartment presents itself, she jumps straight to it. The Grange Complex is located miles away from Edinburgh, in the middle of nowhere, with stunning sea views, a pool, gym and hundred acres of landscape gardens available at her disposal. All of this sounds like a dream, but no one has ever mentioned the arrogant, mouthy Scottish god that lives next door. The problem is that Dexter isn’t just good looking, he is also a fist-clenching, heart-pounding, fervent, sizzling hot man, who makes her heart flutter uncontrollably. She hates his guts. With the talent, of melting women’s panties off at a glance, he thinks he can have Sasha too. Well, he ...
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