Diane Lil Adams
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 273

If you haven't read the first four books in A Series of Chances, you may not enjoy A Good Chance.Tyler Grant feels like a loser, especially when he compares himself to Sam Shiloh. He wants to turn his life around, but he can't seem to break loose from Aurora and her destructive habits. Heather Owensby hated Tyler when she was in high school, because she imagined he was rich and snooty. She quit college to support her mother and brother but even working construction, she can't make enough money. Good fortune starts for Heather and Tyler when she falls off the roof, and lands in his arms.Meanwhile, Anna and Michael set off on the tour to promote his book, while Franny struggles to plan a big wedding on her own. It was Sam's idea, but now he's too busy making plans for Sam's House, the orphanage being constructed in Anna and Michael's backyard.
Amazon Rating:
5 stars from 28 ratings
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4 stars from 1 rating