Salomé Gil
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For three years since the arrival of Pedro de Alvarado, they took place a series of massacres and so great and unimaginable destruction.The 25th of July, 1524, after defeating the Mayas of Lake Atitlan, withthe Cachiqueles support, Alvarado founded the first capital "Santiago de Guatemala ", after the Spanish patron saint, Santiago. The city was located in the former capital Kaqchikel, Iximiché (near Tecpan today).Between 6-8 weeks after this, the friendly people of the Cachiqueles, bitter by the extremely high due to pay tribute to the conquerors, and the bad treatment they received, moved their city to the mountains, returning to their freedom. But in vain; the conquerors began the war to end them, this time aided by the K'iche's and the Tz'utujil as allies to strength of the Spaniards. These are exactly the same conquered by the Spanish with the help of the Cachiqueles few years ...
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