Michael Trinidad
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 226

Chosen at random to fight in a staged war, the only way for her to survive is to kill.America in the late 21st century is pale shadow of its former glory. Decades of war and the growing divide between the poor and the wealthy leaves all but the super-rich in the grips of the greatest depression since the 1930’s.This is the world that sixteen-year-old Sharon Hall lives in. With her city on the verge of economic collapse, her dream of graduating and getting the diploma she needs to get a real job and save her family grows more distant with each passing day.However, a team of television developers has other plans for her city. In exchange for around 140 high school students selected at random, her city will receive the millions of dollars it desperately needs to jump-start its economy. Before Sharon knows what the developers are really filming, she’s drafted into the production, known ...
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