Steven R. Pawley
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 344

Is it possible to fall in love in one evening with a complete stranger? Ian Parker is about to find out.Ian is the proprietor of a successful local coffee house, in a suburb of Detroit. He wasn't expecting to fall head over heels in love with the beautiful, petite blonde that graced his presence, the weekend before Christmas, but he did. And how!When Nixie Davenport drove up to The Coffee Cabin on a Friday night, in a stolen car, she had no idea what kind of evening she was in for.The Coffee Cabin picks up where Alley Girl left off, only now Dalen Reese is part owner of The Coffee Cabin, along with his best friend, Ian. The evening is full of comedy, thanks to a revolving cast of characters that include waitresses Hemma and Sharona, and Ian’s nephew Tommy. With a group of regular customers and an evening filled with holiday spirit, Nixie finds herself in an atmosphere that keeps her ...
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