Sara Hartwright
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 38

"In 1958, instant ramen noodles were believed to have been invented in Japan and were given a name of Chinese origin - Ramen. This primarily refers to noodles in a soup broth. Due to the ease of preparation and rich flavor, consumption of ramen noodle soup rapidly expanded worldwide. As different cultures discovered ramen noodles, each culture added the ingredients of its own cuisine and creativity with ramen noodles continues to this day."Chili lover's will fall head over heels for the Ramen Chili;Do you like macaroni and cheese? Then you're gonna love Ramenroni and Cheese;Try Simple Spaghetti and don't worry about noodles sticking together anymore... ... and 27 more recipes in my new book, "Ramen Noodle Recipes: 30 Quick and Easy Meals You Can Prepare in 15 Minutes or Less!" So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!
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