Linda L Barton
Publisher: Deadly Reads
Pages: 287

The Dragon's Blood Key - YA Fantasy at its finestIt all began with a mysterious book and the story of a magical kingdom. The kingdom of Walandra is a wondrous place, full of magical creatures and... DRAGONS. A curse cast over the kingdom imprisoned the people in darkness. It is time for the champion who will end the curse and banish the Evil Queen to the Land of Shadows. A young woman from a far-off realm must save the kingdom. As Cassy prepares to face the Evil Queen Alona, she must learn to harness the power hidden deep within her. Her quest will take her on an enchanting adventure, and awaken an ancient power that will free the people of Walandra. Sometimes, the Hero comes in a form least expected.This is the first installment in the Legend of The Dragon’s Blood Key.
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