Elizabeth Rose
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 268

Book 8 Philip Taylor is the principal of Sweet Water High, and has decided to look for a bride in order to claim his inheritance before it's too late. However, he has set the bar high, and decides to experiment with an anonymous online dating site in order to screen the women to see if they'd be compatible first. He finds a woman he really likes, but neither of them know each other's identity. And before he can pursue this relationship, a woman blows into town stealing not only his job but also his name.Taylor Phillips is a woman who knows what she wants. Her biological clock is ticking, and she is desperate to have a baby. So she finds a man who sounds perfect to be the father of her baby, thru an online dating site. But before she can discover his identity, she starts her new job as principal in a small town called Sweet Water, having to work with a man who is borderline OCD, and ...
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