M. R. Mathias
ASIN: B00YR903Y8
Publisher: Michael Robb Mathias Jr.
Pages: 381

The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Six - Paragon Dracus.Vanx, his full blooded Zythian friend Zeezle Croyle, Gallarael, and Chelda Flar, set out for Dragon Isle, to hunt down the terrible force who calls himself Paragon Dracus, but they soon find they've underestimated its power.Meanwhile, King Russet Oakarm, his small group of Zythian wizards, and his hand-picked soldiers, begin rounding up stray Parydonians and spreading the word across the kingdom lands that his father has been dazed by the evil, shape-shifting creature's entrancing trident, and is no longer the true king. In fact Russet's father wants nothing more than to kill him, just as the Paragon ordered.When the unthinkable happens, and Vanx Malic is taken by the Trigon Daze, his crew, and all those who love him, will be forced to attempt the impossible to save him.Odds are, they don't stand a chance against something as ancient ...
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