A.L. Janney
Publisher: Sparkle Press
Pages: 318

Think high school is hard? Try it while wrestling with burgeoning super powers.The explosive first book in the best-selling Outlaw series.    A masked vigilante stalks the streets of Los Angeles, disrupting crime and causing havoc. He haunts the dark night, obeying inner super human urges.   Little does the world know the Outlaw is high school junior Chase Jackson wearing a mask, hoping the beautiful brunette down the street notices. Little does the Outlaw know, an unseen world watches and waits for him...   Begin the saga today!    "His body is both his salvation and destruction." - Kirkus Reviews"Janney's pacing is excellent, as are the action sequences" - Kirkus Reviews"The Outlaw shines" - San Fransisco Book Review    Winner of the NIE in Science Fiction.Book One of the must-read, young adult, super charged, paranormal (ish), adventure Outlaw Series.
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5 stars from 221 ratings
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