Jose Aviles-Acosta
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 138

Hippocampus: Deconstructed is a psychological and deeply emotional journey through “the paradox of being flawed, unfitting and excluded” (Stagnant), toward a courageous self acceptance and self love, discarding the humiliation, shame and ridicule to which the poet is subjected because he is seem as “unworthy”. José F. Avilés rediscovers his humanity; his essential need to be loved, to belong, to be accepted and be totally authentic. His “hope is the will power that transforms change into growth” (Hippocampus {In} Visible), it flourishes in adversity and gives the poet the power to be visible. The poems are a magnificent work of art that capture empathically and drive us toward the understanding and final acceptance of diversity.--Prof. Grisselle Acosta-Vélez, Catedrática Asociada, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto RicoHippocampus: Deconstructed tackles the somber reality of shame ...
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