Ian Dunross
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 184

Master the Mental Game of Poker and Win It With Dunross's Ultimate 4th Edition!Are you the one who plays poker for fun? Somebody who earns a living out of it? Either way, you need the right skill and basic strategies to fully wrap your head around this tricky game.Poker: Everything You Need To Know About Poker From Beginner To Expert is guaranteed to get you to the top! This book contains 12 helpful basic ideas that will allow you to be more dominant and own the match! Here’s What You’ll Learn Further in this Book:•Learn the Different Poker Hand Ratings•Learn the Personalities of Players•Learn the Secrets of Bluffing your opponents•Learn how to Observe and Read Your OpponentWhether a player has played poker in a few months or years, the truth is, they will all make mistakes. In order to use these fails against your opponents, you will need a lot of knowledge to beat them ...
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