Jaye McKenna
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 301

Exiled from his home world, Tarrin Rhivana stows away on a Federation ship, and finds himself lost in the terrifying place-between-worlds where jump ships navigate. There he meets a beautiful ghost who might be the only one who can help Tarrin save his world from outside forces that would strip it bare.Miko Asada does not belong in the human world, not since the jump drive accident that warped him into something other. Fragile, beautiful, and silent, Miko remains an enigma, even to those who know him best.Ajhani Guardian Tarrin Rhivana no longer belongs on the world of his birth. Exiled for choosing his clan’s safety over the sanctity of human life, Tarrin attempts to escape aboard a ship belonging to the Sky People who have invaded his world.When Tarrin’s ignorance of Federation technology threatens his sanity and his life, he is saved by a beautiful ghost, and brought to the ...
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