Ginger Malacko
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 419

Nathan and his friends are back in this thrilling, action-stuffed, sequel to SPARK – and so is the king demon, Wrath, and his army of minions. When the entire county around Temple Hills is threatened by Wrath’s mysterious smoke-spewing technology, the misfits of section #71 finally get the promotion they’ve been working for. But life is hardly a slice of Heaven as Nathan is drawn ever deeper into the mystery of Lazarus’ failing strength and the meaning of his own alarming premonitions of the future. With the help of a mortal who can see angels and an army of special agents, Nathan and his friends embark on their dream job only to discover it’s not the exciting adventure they had hoped for. Perilous missions, dangerous secrets, and a possible traitor in their midst wreak havoc on the section as the angels of Mount Ember go to war. Nathan will need much more than courage and a ...
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