Jack Hayes
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 232

Maddox is weary and vengeful. He has resigned himself to retirement and no longer wants to fight in a war that has cost the lives of so many friends. He certainly isn’t happy when his former colleague, US Major George Lyle, pays him a visit at his home. But Lyle has a deal to offer. If Maddox joins him for two more missions, Lyle will leak five important names: the men who ordered Maddox’s previous team to their deaths. Despite his doubts, Maddox agrees. But the mission is one of his hardest yet.It is January 1945 and the chances of Germany winning the war are fading. A breakaway group of Nazi extremists have uncovered a 13th Century plague pit in Poland and built a biological-weapons facility on the site. Their plan is simple but deadly: release Pneumonic Plague – an airborne variant of the Black Death – through the Port of London.With a mortality rate of more than 99%, the ...
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