Patient Lee
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 25

A woman misinterprets a shared glance at a party, which begins an annual ritual of sending sexy Valentine's cards to the object of her obsession. This year's fantasy includes a hot blowjob in the ladies' room and a little bit of quirky humor.This is what readers said about Blowjob from Your Stalker:Very impressed by the way you took a standard activity and turned into something special by utilizing the "Letters" category. But that kind of thing is what always makes reading your stories so special too...finding out what path you are taking us down and being happily surprised at what we discover at the end.-J Kendall Dane, erotica authorSexy, sensuous, warmed me all over. Well, maybe not exactly all over. But definitely in all the right places. ;-)-Legerdemer, erotica author
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