Mick Nolph
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 299

Troubles is a bright red cocker spaniel whose owners no longer want him. Mick is the middle of three boys whose family never quite understand him. The tale begins the day Troubles arrives and Mick meets his best buddy and a loyal friend. With humor, sadness, drama, and even anger, this is their true story, told through the eyes of a small boy and his dog as they maneuver through life’s trials and pitfalls. A quick bowl of Sugar Jets for breakfast and then what adventure for the day? There is nothing Troubles likes better than a trip back to the woods with his pal, leaping through the tall grass and scaring up pheasants. Mick plays Tarzan, swinging in the trees and pushing over rotted tree trunks. Together they flush mice out of their burrows with a garden hose and lay in the weeds watching the buzzards glide overhead as Mick lets his dreams wander. Trouble usually seems to find Mick no ...
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