Monica Thornton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 48

A Monster of a Man is book one in this thrilling and erotic series by Monica Thornton.Psychology major student Margery Adams has always had an attraction to danger. Love hurts and sometimes the most passionate relationships in life are also the deadliest. But nothing she knows about herself or human nature can prepare her for Martin Valmont, a bad seed college dropout with a mysterious past and an inhumanly vicious temper. Everybody warns her against getting involved with Martin, but Margery can’t help her attraction. There is something truly evil, truly monstrous about Martin—from his unnaturally seductive voice to his aggressive flirting, to his strange behavior when he sees a half moon. Her strange relationship with Martin is incendiary and grows increasingly dangerous as she dares to love the most notorious man in town. The only thing scarier than Martin’s temper is his ...
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