Niel Schreiber
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 47

***READ FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED***The Breakup BibleThe honest truth is, falling into a bad relationship or the wrong relationship, is a mistake everyone makes at one point in their lives. For most people, this mistake is just a learning curve, one they look back on and laugh at, but for some people, it becomes a rut, a situation that keeps getting worse, without any escape route – and it is for those of you, that this book has been created. The Breakup Bible contains proven steps and strategies on how to understand your needs in a relationship, and then through careful steps, to analyze and address them. Simultaneously, you will be learning how to love yourself enough to be assertive, by admitting to yourself, and telling your partner why ‘this’ isn’t working for you.Let's have a look at some of the things you will learn...How to know what went wrong in the relationshipHow to ...
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