Dakota Daniels
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 48

The springtime sisters are four village teenagers who must cope with a father missing in action and a mother away from home every night fighting skeletons and zombies. But even the Great Undead War cannot dampen the spirits of four blocky little women in Eastlandia. While the majority of Minecraft-inspired fan fiction titles focus on fighting and violence, this book is concerned more about relationships: among the sisters, and with the wealthy potion master and young son who move into their old house, interfering relatives, fussy teachers, bothersome boys, and all manner of bullies.Written in a diary style from the viewpoints of two sisters, this book is a heartwarming and family-focused tale about overcoming adversity. While there are one or two battle scenes, and a recurring appearance by a strange, powerful newcomer called Steve, the storyline contains no graphic violence, bad ...
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