Jack Smith
Publisher: Capital Punishment, Death penalty, Injustice, Death row
Pages: 106

Convicted of murders they did not commit... astonishing cases of miscarriage of justice that led to rethinking the capital punishment Download FREE with kindle Unlimited!Ever since DNA evidence started exonerating death row inmates, public concern about wrongful executions has been on the rise. It has been such a source of worry that some states have abolished the death penalty entirely. Although we want to believe that the criminal justice system designed to protect us is infallible, mistakes can be and are made. The ultimate tragedy is when an innocent person is executed for a crime that he or she didn’t commit.Inside find three stories of wrongful executions in the UK, where justice was swift and limitless appeals were not supported. In one case the person was actually exonerated forty-six years after being hanged. ●Eliza Fenning and the Devilish Dumplings: In March 1815, the ...
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