Kristen Middleton
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Eight dark fantasy vampire stories to sink your teeth into.1) Soul Rebel - C.J. Pinard2) Deadly Beauties - C.M. Owens3) Crush - Chrissy Peebles4) Blood & Wings - J & L Wells5) Wicked - Kristen Middleton6) Courage Runs Red - W.J. May7) Blair (Daughter's of Darkness) Chrissy Peebles8) Victoria (Daughter's of Darkness) W.J. MaySoul Rebel - A vampire took his soul. He wants it back...Blood's Fury - The deadliest things in life are often the most beautiful... until they strike. Crush - His precious touch could prove deadly...Blood & Wings - A story of love, loss, and betrayal.Wicked - Never talk to strangers...Courage Runs Red - What if courage was your only option?Daughter of Darkness - Blair - What happens when you're forced to go on the run and hide from your own sister?Daughter of Darkness - Victoria - Only death can stop this vampire hunter from collecting a bounty... Open preview for ...
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