Theresa Sneed
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5 stars Salem Witch Haunt totally nails time travel, December 13, 2015By sknightIt's very hard to write time travel and I keep a watchful eye on it when I know about it, but Theresa Sneed has accomplished time travel so well, I find myself in awe of how she did it. Twists and turns at every point in this tome. I love how she wove in the true history, which includes her own many greats-grandmother, Susannah Martin, who was one of the "witches" hung for no more reason than the rants of young women. I loved how I was transported back in time to 1692 to the Boston area. She described it perfectly and now I want to go there.I love how the main character, Bess Martin (also a fictional descendant of Susannah Martin in the book), is transported back in time. It's not what I thought would happen as the first thing she does is get captured and taken to an Indian Village. This part was great and ...
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