Indrit Beqaraj
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 126

The Notebook is a thought-provoking novel that explores the most fundamental question of human existence: What is the meaning of life?Taking refuge from his banking job in Central Park, Maximilian Bennet relives parts of his life when he has suffered terribly from thanatophobia, the fear of death. From inside Max’s head, the novel examines the psychology of this phobia—the existential crisis it causes and the ways its sufferers cope.One way Max copes is by keeping a notebook about his phobia, and one evening, his wife, Laura, sees it for the first time before ushering him off to Boston for a Saturday-morning conference about financial markets.What happens in Boston is nothing less than astounding. Max persuades a group of influential people in the global financial community to make a secret pact that will fundamentally change the world. At last, he has found something to work toward ...
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