Jack Michonik
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They just wanted a better life In the wake of events in the 1900’s, thousands of Jewish families left Europe in search of a better life in the New World. Most reached the shores of the United States, but some, like Leib Edri and Chaim Lubinsky, landed in South America, "where the subtle scent of this mingling of violence, laziness, revelry and gaiety hovers in the air."They fought as hard as they could to get ahead in the new worldLeib and Chaim arrive in the town of Lárida, where there are hardly any Jews, and set up shop. They work hard, change their names to León and Jaime, take a leading role in the incipient Jewish community and create a new life for themselves while prospering, marrying and having children. Will their roots and identity survive in the midst of an overwhelming foreign environment?Surrounded by a Christian world and the culture of Latin America, the sons of the ...
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