Helena Smrcek
Publisher: EverWind Press
Pages: 336

Nora Martin is on the verge of opening a residential facility for first-time offenders. After years of planning, she’ll finally be able to rescue young men from the violence of prison…or what has been their only alternative, the military. But a stranger in camouflage and combat boots marches through her front door, and claims to own her house, making it clear that he’s not interested in letting Nora change it. Who is Petty Officer Jacob Schwartz, and why does no one in town of French Lick wants to acknowledge that he exists? What are they hiding? The safe community is now full of secrets and old heartaches, and Nora is caught in the dangerous middle. Her only ally is her and best friend, Alicia Yu, on leave from the FBI, but even Alicia can’t protect her from the way Nora’s heart races every time Jacob’s enters the room.
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4.5 stars from 56 ratings
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