Andrew Williams
ASIN: B010I96966
Publisher: MSJ Digital Ltd
Pages: 51

Underused Speed Reading TechniquesThe 10 Step Program That Develops Speed Reading Habits, Improves Concentration and Quadruples Your Reading Speed is a simple, effective plan for dramatically improving your reading speed using traditional speed reading techniques and ground-breaking brain training exercises.One of the fundamental facts of life is that time is fleeting and you can’t get back what you waste. So why waste any more time reading slowly?From the time we are small children learning to read, we begin to create and solidify bad habits that slow our reading speeds and hamper comprehension for the rest of our lives. These powerful, yet deceptively simple, techniques will give you the tools to change those bad reading habits forever in just 20 minutes a day for one month.We will discuss what materials are appropriate for speed reading and which are not;The proper environment for ...
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