Theo Cage
Publisher: Shaylee Press
Pages: 342

WINTER IS THE GREATEST HORROR STORY OF THEM ALL!Sean Chiller is a cop on vacation with his wife and three-year-old daughter when they become trapped in a strange little town by a killer storm.They discover the colony is the center of a genetics experiment gone horribly wrong; a major corporate research center for GMO foods where the local residents are the guinea pigs, mutating into rampaging zombie monsters, slaves to the town's sociopathic physician, the Mayor, and the county Sheriff. With the help of one eccentric local they plan a bold escape the townies will do anything to stop. Anything. If you have any concerns about the dangers posed by genetically modified food, this novel should keep you up at night. Based on the results of actual studies, Theo Cage weaves a terrifying prophecy of a possible genetic apocalypse.
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